Digital devices online store based in Petropavl, Kazakhstan. Products range includes smartphones, tablets, accessories.

Accessible: No
Status: Closed
Company: INSY
Technologies: Tech: PHP, UMI.CMS, XSLT, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery


The customer, owner of shops’ network selling mobile phones and accessories, reached out to “INSY” company with purpose of creating online shop for expansion of business and increase of competitiveness of his company. Besides online showcase of products and ordering from the site, features like connection of online payment and organization of delivery to other cities of Kazakhstan were planned.


Site was developed in UMI.CMS with use of XSLT template engine. In this project the most frequently used workflow scheme in the company was applied - one specialist is engaged in both layout and programming.


From interesting features these can be mentioned:

  • Some CSS3 effects with continued support of older browsers (Internet Explorer 8) were applied.
  • The block of advertized products with several sections and changing of images in each section was added to main page. The choice of the next section and image happens randomly, but repetitions are excluded. Appearance of the next image is preceded by turning effect.
  • The styling of native UI elements, such as select and checkbox.
  • Usage of tables with non-standard cell borders and design in spot of their crossing.


Required functionality was implemented completely:

  • Additional information for each category in products menu was added: products’ total count, the list of the most popular products and 1 product as “hot offer”. Popular products are also shown during viewing of corresponding category.
  • The grouping of product’s characteristics with feature of setting theme icon for each group to faciliate the perception of a big amount of technical information and to search for necessary property faster was introduced. Extended filter by characteristics was implemented.
  • The payment via “KASSA 24” payment terminals and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard) was connected.
  • The feature to order product’s delivery to other cities of Kazakhstan including sparsely populated areas was added. The sum for delivery is calculated automatically based on product’s weight and remoteness of a destination point, then it’s added to total sum of order.
  • Many actions, such as product search, interaction with shopping cart and comparison list, were implemented without page reload.

Besides product part of the site, publication of help material and news / reviews was provided. “VKontakte” and “Twitter” widgets were added.

Further development

The site was launched, the customer was responsible in terms of filling of content, products catalogue and advertising. Results were not long in coming - first orders appeared soon. A number of other customizations was implemented later.

Besides the site, related group in “VKontakte” social network was developing actively.

In 2016 during adding project to portfolio I noticed that information on the site became outdated and there is no former activity anymore. In 2017 the site stopped being available. I don’t think that domain was changed - most likely, either the project became unprofitable or shops’s network was closed.