2011 - 2013

Bars-Stroy company is a construction materials seller. Has some branches across Kazakhstan.

Accessible: Yes
Status: On hold
Technologies: Tech: PHP, UMI.CMS, XSLT, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery


My path as a web developer started from this project. At the moment of my coming to company the site already existed, its support and further development were required. Creating of online products catalogue was priority task (at that moment management was not ready for creation of full-fledged online shop yet). The project was developed by “INSY” - local company which will become my next work afterwards.

In addition to programming a big amount of other work was entrusted to me because I was the only employee fully engaged in the site.

Phase 1 - Work in “Bars-Stroy” company

Layout and design

In accordance with found bugs and new managenent’s requirements a number of corrections and customizations related with layout were made. The work was complicated by layout’s features - it was “rubber” (with no fixed width) thus I had to adapt the changes for big screen resolutions.

Also small design related customizations were being carried out. For more complex tasks designer of “INSY” company was being involved wherever possible.


Programming related work mainly consisted of fixing bugs and customizations of existing site sections. From new developed functionality that can be noted:

  • Adding main brands and principles of company, setup of display of the latest site news and updates.
  • Transformation of text parts into collapsible blocks for compact display, organization of galleries from a set of images.
  • Opportunity to see subordinates of departments’ heads in “Our employees” section, restriction of access for viewing certain employees.
  • Separation of novelties and best sellers from a common set of products.
  • Adding extended options for filter and sorting of products.
  • Vacancies module with list of actual jobs and sending resume feature.

Integration with 1C

In cooperation with company responsible for 1C support the integration of products catalogue with 1C was made:

  • Synchronization of trade items, prices and remains in the warehouses.
  • New hierarchy of product groups was introduced for the site. The structure of categories in 1C remained intact upon request from management.
  • The feature to block loading of certain categories and products to the site was provided.

Copywriting, rewriting

Based on collected data and interview of company’s management a certain amount of articles - about company’s activities, history of its emergence and development were written. Besides that I was responsible for writing and publication of news about important events.

The information used to describe product groups and the most important products was being collected from multiple sources and complemented based on company’s specifics and product range. A freelancer for rewriting related work was engaged in the future. I was searching source materials, planning and controlling the quality of done work.

Photographing, image processing

For products, news, articles and other site sections the search and processing of images were being performed. For getting missing images the photo shooting was organized. Obtained images were also being subjected to selection and processing. A designer for helping with image processing was engaged later.

Content management

I was also responsible for adding all content of the site and supporting it in actual condition.

Filling of the products catalogue was a priority task in working with content:

  • Distribution by categories on the site.
  • Correcting names.
  • Filling characteristics based on product group.

Regular communication with sales managers and sellers for resolving controversial issues and providing as accurate information as possible was maintained.


Promotion of the site was being carried out in the following areas:

  • Search systems. Analysis was done and the list of the most priority queries was drafted. I was able to raise the site to the top of Google and Yandex by part of them.
  • Social networks. “Moy Mir” was chosen as a primary network based on popularity by geographical and time factors. The consultations related to the company and its products were being given for users. The redirect to appropriate employee was being happened where necessary.


The site was refined in accordance with management’s requirements, about 7000 products were filled. Online showcase of products allowed to stand out from competitors considerably. The site turned out to be useful for both potential clients and company’s employees for more visual viewing compared to 1C.

For me, in turn, that was a good starting experience in layout / programming as well as other related areas of activity.

Phase 2 - Support in “INSY” company

Later I joined the “INSY” company and project was handed to it for support until admission of new employee to the staff on my place. In the process of support mainly the questions related with products catalogue were being resolved and mechanism of loading from 1C was being modified. After finding and admission of employee on my place the support did not stop, but its amount reduced considerably and it mainly was restricted to small customizations and consultations about CMS structure and project’s organization.

Further development

A short time later, already without my participation, the site’s migration to “1C-Bitrix” CMS with adding functionality of online shop occured. Along with this the site’s appearance was changed too. First orders and client feedback appeared. The project became the first online shop of construction materials in Petropavl town.

The site as at July 2017 “does not work temporarily for technical reasons”.