Food's order and delivery service based in Petropavl, Kazakhstan.

Accessible: Yes
Status: On hold
Company: INSY
Technologies: Tech: PHP, 1C-Bitrix, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery


This is a last project developed by me during work at “INSY” company. Full-fledged online shop with cart, orders and opportunity of payment with credit card online was required by the customer.


The classic workflow scheme used in company (one specialist is engaged in both layout and programming) was violated a bit in this project. Layout was made by other employee, binding it to CMS and implementing necessary functionality were the things left for me to do. The site was implemented using 1C-Bitrix content management system. Even it’s a subject of strong criticism, for this project that was quite good choice. While the presence of a big amount of built-in functionality reduces the development time and almost excludes backend related work, adaptation for CIS market makes product more affordable for the customer.


From the most interesting features these can be highlighted:

  • Detail view of a product in modal window.
  • Big amount of actions (mainly related with products) happens without page reload.
  • Opportunity to sell product as a portion containing few pieces, opportunity to order amount of food multiple to half of the portion.
  • Enhanced options during making order.

Further development

“” became one of the first services to order and deliver food using internet in Petropavl.

The site still works, it was being promoted on local radio for some time. No new functionality was added, but some new bugs appeared, which were not there at the development stage. This indicates that either support is poor or it is not offered at all. Also link to VKontakte group points to other restaurant, this gives an impression about reorganization or suspension of service’ work.