2014 - 2016

FORA company is one of the largest sellers of electronic equipment in Kazakhstan. Has many branches across the country.

Accessible: Yes
Status: Working
Company: FORA
Technologies: Tech: PHP, Yii, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass


This is the main commercial project of “FORA” company. At the moment of my coming to company the site already existed, its support and further development were required. Over time, it became less priority project because of the shift to other private company’s projects focused on automation and optimization of business processes.



The scope of work related with layout was not big because of the availability of a separate HTML / CSS specialist. Made changes and additions mostly concerned the central content block without involving of main model.


During work the bugs were being found and fixed, new functionality was being developed. From the most significant innovations done by me these can be noted:

  • Adding gifts functionality for products.
  • Customization of promotion and development module, introduction of separation of advertising by cities.
  • Separation of jobs module to separate service - “Job in FORA company”: participation in development, further support.
  • Development of algorithm for counting business time in given time interval with accounting of weekends and holidays and using it in statistics module.
  • Automation of the site’s deploy on production server using Deployer.

Content management

I was periodically helping with publication of sales and pre-orders.

Further development

The project’s development was complicated because of the following factors:

  • A big amount of legacy code and deprecation of Yii 1 framework which was used for programming of the site.
  • Shift to development and support of internal company projects and, as a result, the lack of working resources.
  • Disagreements in company management, long harmonization of new ideas.

Rewriting of project with Yii 2 with redesign and further addition of new functionality was planned. After a while, transition to the new version and customizations were approved after all. Development started, but was stopped shortly. Completion of what was planned happened only after leaving the company.

As of today, site still helps company in e-commerce and competition with similar trading networks.