Kenturion MMA


Multibrand online store offering clothes and equipment for MMA. Has 2 offices in Petropavl and Astana.

Accessible: No
Status: Closed
Company: INSY
Technologies: Tech: PHP, UMI.CMS, XSLT, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery


The customer reached out to “INSY” company with purpose of creating online shop aimed at facilitation of purchasing clothes and equipment for MMA in Petropavl and also popularization of this sport. In addition to doing business, he is himself actively involved in MMA.


I was appointed as the only project’s developer once design was created and approved. At that time the customer’s company was about to open and did not have existing commodity base in electronic format, furthermore the number of products was not high. The decision about manual filling of products was taken. Thus, integration of catalogue was not required and layout and programming were the main tasks.

UMI.CMS was chosen as a content management system. XSLT template engine with small customizations on PHP side was used.


From the layout’s features the following can be highlighted:

  • The pattern and images of MMA fighters are used in the background.
  • The visual effects, such as gradient fill, shadows were used. They were adapted to work in older browsers (Internet Explorer 8, for example).
  • 2 versions of footer - extended and compact are available. A user can switch between them at any moment via corresponding button.


Because of using CMS and and site’s focus, front-end and products catalogue accounted for the work’s main part:

  • Each product group has thematic icon for fast identification.
  • Products can be additionally marked as novelties, best sellers and recommendations or linked with sales that take place. Quick access for such products is possible from the main page. Novelties and best sellers are additionally marked with corresponding icons.
  • The most important brands are included in “carousel” on the main page with corresponding filter links to products catalogue.
  • Extended filters by price, manufacturer, etc. are available for the products list.
  • The functionality of uploading additional images for the product (for example, the photo from the other angle) was implemented.
  • Additional size option was added to the product.

Besides being an online products showcase, the site is also the aggregator of the most interesting and important news from MMA world. Generally speaking, however, the project is a classic online store with shopping cart, orders, purchase history and the rest of it is pretty standard for such sites.

Further development

The domain and branding were being changed several times. The site worked for a short time, then was closed for maintenance, after which it became fully inaccessible. Maybe, once again, domain was changed, but, more likely, the project turned out to be unprofitable and was closed completely.